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"You will never come up against a greater adversary than your own potential, my young friend."

—Dr. Paul Stubbs to Wesley Crusher, Star Trek, The Next Generation, 1989 Stardate 43, 125.8

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Change in Attitude

Involves Three Basic Steps:

1.  Caring enough to really look at whether the adults and children in your family are overweight

Sometimes we avoid confronting issues that are hard to deal with. Carrying too much weight is one of those issues. It can lead to emotional overeating, depression, and a poor balance between food intake and physical activity. As a parent, are you supporting patterns of eating for your family that set the stage for medical and emotional problems in the future?

Be willing to turn your attention to solving the problem

instead of avoiding the problem.

2. Confronting the discomfort of change

Change throws us out of our comfort zone. We are most comfortable running on automatic pilot. We lose touch with ourselves. Even when our clothes no longer fit, the doctor tells us that we are pre-diabetic or that our child has borderline high cholesterol when we become winded climbing a flight of stairs, we deny what is really happening - change feels too hard. When IS the right time to risk the discomfort of coming out of automatic pilot?

At, our job is to support your efforts to change the way you and your family eat. Every family is different. However, one thing is true for ALL families, the health and well-being of our children is our most important responsibility. The decision to alter your current patterns and make healthy lifestyle choices can empower you and your kids to feel pride, accomplishment, and increased self-esteem.

You deserve it and so do your children.

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Change in Attitude

Involves Three Basic Steps:

3.  Collaboration

Feeling that you are overweight is a very lonely feeling. Often, we find ourselves eating when we are isolated, sad, fearful, angry or bored. Overweight is linked to depression, social withdrawal, poor academic performance, and increased risk for adult and childhood disease. It is our job to help you see not only WHAT you are doing, but help you to understand WHY you are doing it. We can help you and your family to lose weight and become more physically fit for a lifetime by making many SMALL changes, not a few, gut-wrenching big changes.

Disappointment may have defined the past;

it does not have to define your future and the future for your children.